head motif tessellation

head motif tessellation

  M. C. Escher style tessellation Art from Ms. Sorrentino's 4th grade REACH class

MC Escher style tessellation art

by Madison B.

Madison writes,

"The Super-tiny-leg-polka-dotted-saurus has really tiny legs, polka-dots, and if you put it together, that’s how you get its name. When I created it, I wanted it to be a dinosaur so I made legs and a mouth. The legs were unusually tiny but the mouth was fine. I started tessellating it. When I was done, I wanted to add something else so I added the polka-dots. That’s how I came up with the Super-tiny-leg-polka-dotted-saurus."

...Not to be confused with the one-eyed, one-horned, giant purple people eater and its cousin, the giant propyl people ether. Nor with the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polka-dot....never mind.

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