Escher style Geometry Art from Suzette Mitchell's 7th grade gifted math class at Coosa Middle School, Rome, Georgia

elephant theme, first-time tessellation art by a child math student

Bruce Bilney, another professional tessellation artist, looked at Julissa's elephants and my ducklings, and he saw something else. He saw chickens-- "chooks" in Australian English. At left is his rough first sketch of my ducklings becoming his chickens.

tweaked again, Julissa's elephant theme tessellation art becomes ducklings landing, then chickens running
Escher style elephant theme tessellation


Elephant Stampede is a classic slide (translation) tessellation. That means each elephant is like all the others, just moved a little bit left or right, up or down, without changing the elephant's angle (rotation) and without flipping any elephants over to make them run in another direction.

It's probably a good thing, that all these stampeding elephanti (elephanteses? Eleph...uhhh...Elephantasias?) are all heading in exactly the same direction. If one elephant changed direction, he'd probably get smooshed. A smooshed elephant would break the pattern, and make a mess.

It's a little hard to see the elephants' bodies and feet in this tessellation. This is why I openly encourage tessellation artists to please tweak the design. Just because you've got a shape that tessellates, and it already looks a little like an elephant or some other thing...that doesn't mean you have to stop.

No! Go to the next level! Try changing the lines to make it look more like that thing! How would YOU change this outline, to make it look more like elephants?

Also, every tessellation artist may look at the same design and see different things in it. Ms. Mitchell's parole officer calls that an "inkblot test". What do you see in Julissa's pattern? Elephants, or something else? I see... BIRDS. ...Baby ducks. Can you see what I mean, in the picture below? The elephant trunks could be heads and beaks. The ears could be wings. The elephant bodies could be duck tails.
bird theme, escher-style do-it-yourself tessellation art
Now, it's YOUR turn. What do YOU see?