Escher style Geometry Art from Suzette Mitchell's 7th grade gifted math class

housecat face theme, first-time tessellation art by a child math student Escher style cat theme tessellation

KLASSY KATS by Samantha W.

Klassy Kats are tiles in a classic slide (translation) tessellation.

If we were being verrry picky, we'd ask "Where are the little cats' feet? If the little kitty paws are hidden behind the other cats' ears, then this picture has overlaps, and therefore it's not a tessellation." I'm happy to say, though, we're not so picky around here, especially with a first-time tessellation. Samantha's next tessellation should have the whole animal in view, without gaps or overlaps, but fist-time tessellations often show just heads, or just heads and shoulders.