Escher style Geometry Art from Suzette Mitchell's 7th grade gifted math class

faces and heads theme, first-time tessellation art by a child math student Escher style face theme tessellation


Great King Burger is a classic slide (translation) tessellation.

A reeeeally overly picky, rude tessellation artist might say that this isn't a proper tessellation, because it only shows a head. That is, it hides the rest of the body. Were the kings...umm... beheaded? Are all those royal bodies hidden behind the heads? A true tessellation shouldn't have overlaps.

However, many many first-time tessellations are like this one: just heads. Many people, including executioners from the middle ages and pumpkin carvers in October, feel that just heads is a perfectly ordinary thing, even if there are no bodies nearby. So, I'm inclined to think that these burger kings are a prefectly good first-time tessellation. I wonder... how would they taste? Do they need ketchup? Each king seems to be eating the others' hair, so it must taste pretty good. Still, I'm not sure anybody's hair... not even a burger king's... tastes like burger. That's probably a good thing. :^)