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fish tessellation art by sethness for the Make A Fish Foundation

for the
Encouraging Everyone to Be an Artist.

Click here to download an 8.5x11" PDF (300dpi) coloring-book page version of this fish tessellation.

Click here to download an 8.5x11" JPEG (300dpi) coloring-book page version of this fish tessellation.

We caught these fish for a specific purpose: encouraging everyone to be an artist. That's the goal of the "Make A Fish" foundation at

(Don't confuse it with the anti-sobriety organization of the same name. The Make A Fish foundation is all about encouraging everyone to do art, no matter what their age, profession, or self-assessed skill level. That other group is about getting people to drink like fish.)

The Make A Fish Foundation works in lots of ways to encourage everyone to do art. At events like "Burning Man" and smaller art festivals, they give people half-fishnessed tessellations and ask people to paint or draw the missing fish...or make dance floors of tessellated plywood or linoleum fish tiles made by the public; they alsodecorate buildings with fish tiles made by the public... sometimes unsilghtly buildings; sometimes ordinary buildings like barns and silos. MAF is even working on a fish tessellation coloring, papercraft, and activity book!

This fish tessellation will change a little before the Make A Fish Foundation uses it. We will remove a few of the fish, so the public can have fun drawing in new fish to finish (fishness?) this picture.

Here on you'll find several other fish-related coloring book and papercraft templates that were made for the Make A Fish Foundation. Try 'em! After, send us pictures of the tessellation art you've made. If we like'em, we might publish them here on !

You'll notice that this tessellation is far from perfect. My point is not to show perfect art, but to show you that you can do it; it doesn't have to be perfect. Can you see that the fish aren't exactly the same? Not even the outlines are precisely the same. Even in tessellation where precision often counts for a lot, the art can still be beautiful eeeeven if it's not as perfect as an engineer's drawing. In this tessellation, I even forgot to put in some "arm" fins, in the top row. Can you find 'em?

Some people may recognize what they think is a symbol of Freemasonry, in the lower-right corner of the picture. This is my trademark symbol, not a Freemason symbol. The Freemason's symbol has a "G" in the center. The "G" stands for something that I don't stand for. However, I do like the constructiveness and science implied by the compass and square. Can you see my initials, S. A. B., in this symbol?
~~Seth, June, 2014

This tessellation is Heesch type = TG1G2TG2G1

coloring book version of fish tessellation