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fish tessellation art, Nanakuli Hawaii McDonalds at dawn by sethness

A Tessellation of Ulua (Skipjack)
by Webmaster Seth

The surreal fish swimming in and out of the windows are Skipjacks. In the Hawai'ian language, that's "Ulua". They and sea turtles ("Honu", in Hawaiian) are very popular themes in the art made in Hawaii.

The restaurant pictured here is a real one, although I've distorted the perspective in a Escher- and Salvador Dali-like way. This McDonald's restaurant really is this architecturally beautiful. It's directly across the street from the beach, and its sea view is astounding. I've taken the liberty of simplifying the number and types of tables and chairs. At bottom-right is one of the computer screens of their point-of-sale cash registers.

Is the gravity really on the fritz, there? Well, it might depend on how many sugar-filled shakes you drink before trying to lay yourself down on the ceiling.

That's me, at bottom center. ~~Seth May, 2014

This tessellation is Heesch type = TG1G2TG2G1