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Evolution: DarwinFish JesusFish tessellation art

The Evolution of Ideas

This tessellation art is loosely based on an incredibly popular scribble I did on a scrap of paper back in 2005. That scribble was an idea for a "Darwin Fish" and "Jesus Fish" showing my preference for Darwinism, and science in general, as opposed to creationism and religion/faith where those things try to supplant good science and critical thinking. That little scribble has gone around the world, literally. It's at least three times more popular than the tessellations I pour days of work and so much thought into. I feel a bit disappointed that the really hard stuff hasn't fared as well as that little scribble. The scribble has appeared in Wikipedia and in the science section of Germany's most popular magazine, Der Spiegel, in English, Spanish, German, and Italian, on T-shirts, mousepads, hats, coffee mugs, magnets, and postcards, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, window stickers, keychains, and bumper stickers. Two people have tattooed it on their arms.

Heesch type = TTTTTT

putting the win in darwin since 3,500,000,000 bc