an artistic hexagonal tessellation of turtles
from well-known tessellation artist Bruce Bilney of Australia

Bruce Bilney's hexagonal turtle motif tessellation

Mr. Bilney made this design specifically for a floor-tile company. Some day, you may walk alongside a pool or bathtub, look down, and realize that you're walking on turtles... Mr. Bilney's pet turtles!

The piece at left is based on hexagons. Can you see how each floor tile will fit together with other hexagonal floor tiles? Can you see where the edges will create whole turtles, wherever one of Mr. Bilney's turtle hexagons meets another?

This design has also been turned into a tessellation on the surface of the 8-sided, triangle-based Platonic solid known as an octahedron. You can see, download, decorate, and assemble that seaturtle tessellation papercraft at the far end of this link.

You can see much more of Bruce Bilney's tessellation art at his website, Ozzigami.com.au

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