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  • Doctor David Annal, was the original author and designer of www.Tessellations.org. He was a physician who lived in Mitcham, a southern suburb of London. A devoted family man and an excellent diagnostic physician, he was well known for his sense of humor and ability to prod people into thinking more clearly and creatively. His three major hobbies were his tessellation art, his cats and dogs, and his membership in a computer enthusiasts' club.

    Dr. David Annal, Tessellation Artist
      Dr. David (Not Santa Claus)

    On May 6th, 2008, after a years-long battle with cancer, David passed away. David remained active on the website until the end of his time with us, creating new art and adding to the website. His art, his friendship, and his generosity are missed. You can read his obituary and biography of Dr. David on his favorite computer club's website, ICPUG.org.